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I am going to start out of order in the second part of this assignment, and explain/ describe what I expected to get out of this class. Honestly I thought this class was going to be boring, textbook reading type of class. Partly because the technology that I’ve seen used in the classroom are graphing calculator, overhead projectors (which are ancient), smart boards (which are new) and Elmos (which I would only think a few schools actually have them at their disposition). And I didn’t think we were actually going to learn all that I did learn now. I thought we were going to go through the basics power point, Microsoft word, etc. But when you professor told us that we were going to blog, create assignments using free tools etc. I was very skeptical.  What I got most of this class, is what your goal was all along Professor, to get me to think out of the box and use technology in ways I’ve never imagined could be possible to design assignments for my future students.  And I can honestly say that everything you taught us was important, from the philosophical way the thinkers you exposed us to the way we can use free software to create artwork.  I like the idea that Gardner stated in his article “A personal Cyber infrastructure” in which he said: “…few people understood how to bring students into this world, aside from assigning them e-mail addresses during orientation”. And I find this to still be true among professors that I’ve met. I think that his idea of requiring incoming students to create their cyber space is essential (“they are assigned their own web servers…”), if we are to keep up with the technological advances that have arrive and will arrive.  I see that Jim Groom agrees with this idea of giving students their own domain :”So, how might all this change if we actually purchased everyone* on campus a domain for one year (at the tune of roughly $36,000) and framed the experience in such a way that all students, staff, and professors were able to easily setup and control their online identity through their own domain (something like”. And feel this strongly about it because a particular teacher couldn’t simply use blackboard despite the fact that there were tutorial services available to her on this campus, and that hinder my learning experience in that particular class.

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Video that made a star assignment( prelimenary/ will be edited with the final project)

So first take a program like virtual DJ, which you can, Google and download for free and mix several songs the kids want to dance. Then they have to come up with the choreography and narrate the steps in the choreography in a slide show presentation. Then they have to come up with the look/ dress wear they will use in the choreography. Then I will videotape them using either my webcam on the computer or my phone (most likely it will be my webcam) then they will use Microsoft movie maker to edit their video with their slideshow. Then they will publish it onto YouTube. I’ll try this with my nieces and see how they do.

unfourtunately i had some tech difficulties the girls had to sleep early to go to school so i had to do the editing and i wasn’t able to retriee the part where my niece mixed the songs using virtual dj, will work on that asap and hoppefully you will have a smile when you see my two nieces dance to there favorite wii dance game songs.

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how to take care of your face ( tutorial)

I used my laptop webcam/microphone in conjunction with windows movie maker, then i converted it to recommended (save feature) it converted it into a wmv. and then i uploaded it onto youtube to be able to embed it in my post.


My own interpretation of a DS 106 assignment.

Well I did the road sign reinterpretation, and I liked it so to create a reinvisioned project like this maybe take a matheatical idea or way of doing something and make it into  a story or an idea that will stick to the student’s minnd. Like using sohcahtoa. And so I thought they could use cyberchase as inspiration because they always learn a essential mathematics topic in the show. I’m still working on my example though.


DS106 Assignment 2 “On this Day”

On this Day January 13th 2012 The treaty of Cahuenga was signed and it ended the mexican american war in California

The DS 106 Assignment is to do a “on this day” event like Google does with your Last or First Name. I chose this event because I am Mexican American and even though Mexico got the short end of the stick, this event is a pivotal part of Mexican History. Also Friday the 13th happens to fall on my birthday day this year. As per professor Michaels request I made an attempt to use a Google doodle and my new on this day logo is posted below.


DS 106 assignment 1 Road SIGN Interpretation

So For this assignment we had to take an Iconic road sign and interpret what it means outside of what its’ purpose is.  So for this assignment I chose this reindeer looking sign:

It is Christmas evening and Rudolph has to: Run, run Rudolph, Santa’s got to make it to town Santa make him hurry, he can take the freeway down Run, run Rudolph a whizzing like a merry-go-round.

Just like the song above says so he took the freeway and Joe happens to be several meters ahead with some car troubles and sees Rudolph’s bright shinny nose, and thinks..hmm maybe this person can help. Little did he know that Rudolph was indeed Rudolph. SO what Happened Next! well Rudolph since he was Rushing jumped on poor Joe and trampled him. To Bad joe better luck next time!
Moral Of the story:

When Rudolph is busy don’t get in his way!

Or Not every light is a helpful one.

(make up your own)


My Train Gif


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A mathematics Blog

I was searching and searching for a mathematics teacher with a blog that is similar to my idea of making mathematics fun for 7-12 mathematics education. I found a teacher from Massachusetts with a bachelors in mathematics that has been tecahing for three years, with not only a blog set-up but a whole website designed with lesson plans and games we could use in the classroom. I automatically knew I connected with this teacher when I saw his blog of Game 24 which was my favorite mathematics game in 5th grade, and was one of the reasons math became one of my passions. I think a way students can practice mathematics is by playing games. For example with Game 24 you are practicing multiplying, adding, subtracting, dividing and order of operations. And you can play more advanced Game 24 games, that include practicing perfect squares etc.


assignment 1 ( what kind of teacher will you be?)

Like I said in my biography sketch in my profile I plan to teach HS Math, and later maybe I’ll go the other direction and teach elementary ed.The reason I want to teach HS first is because in the NYC schools we barely have qualified teacher in the mathematical field. Now from what I understood in the Rhizomatic Learning article, is that learning according to the Rhizomatic style is like a network of branches with learning. It is meaningful and not just remote less learning for standardized testing. It is equipping students with the tools to learn on their own and come up with their own ideas. I liked the connection the author made between nomads and learning, in which nomads don’t go for the norm sort to speak, they constantly change, as they move throughout the world. I also agree with the following quote: ” refuse to accept that my role as a teacher is to take the knowledge in my head and put it in someone else’s. That would make for a pretty limited world :),” I agree with it because, if we were all suppose to be made o think alike and conform, then we would all look the same, which we obviously don’t do to different features. The author poses many questions: Why do we teach? What does successful learning look like? What does a successful learner look like? How do we structure successful learning? Well I think we teach because in my belief learning is an automatic process that occurs everyday since the day you are born. So long as you come in contact with an object, sound, living thing you learn. Because we are open canvases waiting to be drawn/written upon. And that’s partly what I believe learning is. Not to say that norms aren’t important because without them we wouldn’t have a structured society with rules and regulations. There are certain things that must be learned why because it just is, like speaking, being able to walk etc. And there are things not needed to be learned because they come naturally like breathing. Now how do we know learning is successful, for the norms, like learning to behave etc. learning in that case is assessed based on whether or not society accepts it as a whole. In terms of ideas, and what is meaningful to learn that’s left to interpretation because not everyone conforms to a single idea, unless  you are studying math and are discussing postulates, those are taken as is and can’t be rewritten or undone. What does  a successful learner look like? Well I would say anyone who learns basically to survive in terms of what they feel is necessary in their life. But then again if you look at it from a worldly perspective successful learning is determined, by money, power, studies etc. Now how can we structure successful learning? That depends on the background, ideas and belief of the teachers. And it’s like what the author said and sort of like your teaching style Professor, well structured learning is constructed by equipping the students with the sufficient tools they need and letting them learn on their own with some guidance of course. And also having fun. Now to the author’s last question does Rhizomatic learning mesh with the ideas he discussed? Yes definitely it centers upon the concept that learning shouldn’t be a one way street, or conformity it should be enhancing  students minds and equipping them with the tools they need to make their own connections. And I think rhizomatic learning is an approach I would definitely use, because I can admit I like the old way because that’s the type of learner I was fostered to be since elementary school, but its 2012 and many things have changed so learning has to change along with it.


Mom’s in College

this image represents my first year in college I was pregnant two months before my HS graduation and I didn’t know it till one week before I had to give my valedictorian speech, then I had to decide whether or not I was going to be able to handle a kid and school and work all at the same time. I struggled through my first semester and still struggle today, but I know it will be worth it at the end.